Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I think this is my first entry in *my own blog*. I've got to get crackalackin!

I am writing right now from the Eli Stone writer's office, where I am all set up in my own cubicle, complete with a fabulous mac computer (yay for no PC's here!) - It's almost 2pm, and so far the first day has been pretty quiet, which is nice. At least I'm not thrown in to an already-going, breakneck speed!

For those of you who are unaware, I managed to get myself hired as the writer's PA on the ABC show "Eli Stone". It's so awesome to be over here, and I'm *SO* close to my old building! (literally right across the street, connected by a breezeway bridge). So far, I've done very little, but I'm sure there will be times I can't even talk I'll be so busy! There's talk of starting up a softball team to join into the TV show league (can you believe they have that??) We'd be playing against every other show that has a team. (apparently, the Brothers & Sisters team is very large ;) ) - Tomorrow is apparently smoothie wednesday over at brothers & sisters, and I think we are all invited (the showrunner of Eli Stone, Greg Berlanti, also does a LOT of work/his main work on Brothers & Sisters and Dirty Sexy Money) - Thursday nights are apparently Drink Nights, where the crews/some cast from the shows go out for drinks or what-not. Clearly, I'll be having my Shirley Temples if I go!

Mom has been here since Thursday (though I picked her up on Friday) and I have to take her to the airport tonight :( I'm glad however, that she was able to stay so that I can tell her all about my day tonight! We literally spent all of the three day weekend (save for a couple of trips out, including to Outback last night, where we saw the cuteness of Abigail Breslin) - watching Brothers & Sisters. I'm so proud of mommy! We watched the ENTIRE first season! All of you should be watching that show, seriously.

Okay, time to be productive!